I was born in 1976 in Cape Town, South Africa. After completing an Honours degree in film studies I’ve explored many forms of visual media, but decided ultimately to focus on photography.

Whatever the assignment or source of inspiration, I’ve come to trust my visual instincts. Unlike technical proficiency, this can’t be learned, much less taught. We all have our own unique way of viewing the world;  in my case, as a published poet, playwright and short fiction writer, capturing that which shines behind the confines of everyday reality has become a way of life. Beyond that, I believe my wanderlust, workaholism and the ability to convey the essence of my subject has defined my photographic style. Also, having a sense of humour doesn’t hurt.

Clients include Media24, Caxton Magazines, New Media, De Kat, Mercedes Benz, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Financial Times UK, Mail & Guardian, KykNet, Vrij Nederland and Penguin Random House. I am also quite privileged to have been awarded the PICA Highly Commended Prize for Photojournalism in 2013.

My work have been featured in a wide range of exhibitions, and form part of private collections in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Email: info@jackritzinger.co.za
Phone: +86 131 5603 2060